in 1908, The Kybalion changed our understanding of the mysterious forces around us. in 2019, it will change your life.

What if there was great wisdom and boundless power available to us, but hidden in plain sight?  The Kybalion is a documentary film adaptation of the widely popular but underground occult text of the same name, which explores the “Seven Principles” that govern the universe. Occult historian Mitch Horowitz takes us on a metaphysical journey of how we can apply these principles and unravel their mystery. Mitch argues that the ancient philosophy of the occult may hold exactly the keys modern people are seeking to a universalistic faith of inner development, karmic values, and personal power.  Along the way we meet alchemists, artists, mediums, and scientists working within the parameters of these principles.  The film, presented as a dark and mysterious enigma, sheds new light on ancient wisdom and gives viewers who wish to expand their consciousness valuable tools to do so.  Director Ronni Thomas,  ( makes the film an otherworldly and cinematic journey spanning the monuments of Ancient Egypt to a surreal and uncanny other world.  The Kybalion is currently in production and is set to release Fall 2019.