Kybalion Sneak Peek 1 - Ancient Egypt

In this brief clip, Occult Historian Mitch Horowitz explains how the world of ancient Egypt was as ancient to the Ancient Greeks and Romans as they are to us. A very early sneak peek at the upcoming feature documentary based on the 1908 occult masterpiece, The Kybalion. The film, shot partially on location in Egypt, details the 7 principles of Hermeticism and goes deeper into how alchemists, mediums, hypnotherapists and astral travelers are using these very principles in modern times.

Kybalion Sneak Peek 2 - Polarities in ancient Egypt

In this sneak peek of the feature-length documentary adaptation of The Kybalion, occult historian Mitch Horowitz explains how the symbolism of Ancient Egypt illuminates the polarities within ourselves and the natural world. Coming late 2019